STELDA AR500 GT fully automated case sealing machines perform on-demand precision gluing on random-sized shipper cartons. The machines measure carton dimensions automatically, align cartons for gluing and calculate the exact amount of hot or cold glue (patent applied for) required before dispensing, all in real time.



  • Programmable precision gluing
  • Nordson® gluing system as standard
  • Product counter
  • Fault reporter
  • Human safety features
  • PLC Controls
  • Jam detector
  • Top and bottom sealing
  • Touchscreen Human Machine Interface
  • Product totaliser
  • Optional feed-in conveyor
  • Real time monitoring
  • Stores carton type and sealing options data
  • Optional IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) capability


Model AR500 GT
Mode All Random Preset Gluing Preset Taping Gluing + Taping
Working Speed 10 cases / minute 25 cases / minute 30 cases / minute 30 cases / minute
Minimum Shipper Carton Size (mm)
200 X 200 X 150

Maximum Shipper Carton Size (mm)

500 X 500 X 500

Other Machines


Stelda PS 500 series preset or batch production case sealers have the best in class options of box sizes, speed or type of sealing. The tamper evident case sealing provides protection against transit damages but many other benefits.

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Stelda CE 10 is an automatic case former / erector with PLC controls. Quick job change-over is effected through touch screen controls, using servo drives. Vertically stacked cases are separated using vacuum and then formed before pushing through belt drives when the bottom flaps get sealed.

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Stelda Automatic TCP 15 pick up corrugatted from a stack applies hot melts adhesive and places it in top of a 15 Liter/15kg tin containing edible oil. The machine is connected completely in line with oil filling plant and the collar fixing operation is done at speeds synchronizing with the line speed.

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Book a free STELDA Trial.

Book a free trial to see the precision gluing difference on your shipper cartons.

The STELDA Trial is an opportunity for manufacturers to experience precision gluing packaging systems being used to pack & seal their own products and shipper cartons. There are no financial transactions involved between STELDA and participating manufacturers. Manufacturers may however incur nominal costs for shipping their cartons to us (paid for directly by manufacturers to shippers).

For the best experience, we use one filled carton to test its load bearing and holding ability, its impact on the contents, and protection of stock from damage once repacked the STELDA way. Contents from the second carton are directly repacked using STELDA machines before being shipped to the manufacturers for the tamper evidence experience. In case manufacturers wish to send only their stock for recommended carton dimensions, or only tape-sealed cartons for a comparison with the precision glued ones, the same may be mentioned while booking. Manufacturers interested in experiencing only the live STELDA packaging automation are also welcome.

An important part of a STELDA Trial is quantitative deformity testing of shipper cartons over a span of a few days. Trial durations vary from case to case depending on product specifications and a manufacturer’s expectations. If needed, trial durations can be modified at various stages in case sufficient insights are found or no further deformity is observed after numerous observations. It is recommended to spare stock cartons that may not be needed soon after sending them over for a STELDA Trial.

To showcase all the benefits of precision gluing automation, while also sticking to our Sustainability promise, we use our fully featured, state of the art, STELDA AR series machines. However, interested manufacturers may inform about their expectations to witness other STELDA machines in action, at the time of booking their STELDA Trials. There are no charges for experiencing any number of machines, however, manufacturers may be requested to spare additional stock and cartons as STELDA precision gluing leaves no possibility of re-gluing in the bid to maintain carton Strength and Security, the other two promises of the STELDA Packaging Experience.